Grumpy Christmas Continues


I planned on a grumpy Christmas but life kept getting in the way.

At the annual Craft Fair,  both my twin grandchildren, Cassidy and Brooks sold duct tape wallets and Chili Vinegar. Brooks had enlisted my services in brewing up Chili Vinegar for sale. “What??”you say.

I thought he had seen it at a very popular Puerto Rican Restaurant in our area but I now know it is coveted by the English!!! You know, those folks that eat bangers and mash.

The recipe is simple. You infuse chili flavor into white wine vinegar and then, let age, bottl and sell. Simple enough.

I was able to find perfect 5 oz. bottles on the internet and Dad used office color printer for labels.

On the eve of the fair, we hadn’t found chiles and we had used up the valuable aging time.

Fortunately for us a monster storm blew in and cancelled the event, giving us a reprieve.

Now the simple process of boiling and aging had to be tasted to compensate for the lack of aging time.

I enlisted the services of a shopper at to show me the most potent chile and we were able to cut down on aging time.

Business was slow when the fair opened and people were unsure of what we were actually selling.

Pizzazz Grandma to the rescue. The local hamburger shack was close by. They do a great job on French Fries. I made two runs to tempt potential customers with a tasty fry dipped in the sauce.

Bottle began to fly off the table. Brooks had switched into high gear and had developed an excellent sales pitch. He was waxing poetic on the vinegar’s use on salad and even went so far as to claim that it was excellent on fish.

In three hours, our product was gone. I had been reimbursed for the cost of goods, including my two marketing runs of $6.75 each. Interestingly enough Brooks had placed the selling price at 6.99.

When all was said and done, the profit was a whopping $100.

On the ride home I commented to Brooks that I hoped our patrons wouldn’t go blind from the concoction.

“Yea,” he said. “They really don’t know what is in it and it kind of looks like urine in a bottle! “

We ho, ho, ho-ed all the way home.

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  1. CN says:

    Yes, when it comes to success and getting things done…GRUMPY is UNDERated! 😡

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