Happy Mom’s Day


Happy MOM’s Day

I have an extended family that includes Kim who I birthed, Jessica who I adopted, 30 staff members I hired at PlayStation and about 100 vendors that I managed. All of them are at least 10 years younger than I. They all call me MOM. That’s an acronym for “Mean Old Marilyn”. They all either love me or hate me depending on how smart they are.

Many of them suffer from the same genetic disorder. They leave cell phones in bars or taxis.

I was just reminded of this when Conner Brown left a text at 1:30 this morning. “Kim left her cell phone at The Silver Paso. We open at 10 AM tomorrow.”

This was reminiscent of a similar call I received about 15 years ago from Patti’s phone. She orchestrated all the events I did at PlayStation and we have remained friends. I’m still identified in her contact list as Mom.

On this particular morning I got a call from a cab driver in Chicago. “Your daughter left her phone in my cab.” These calls always come after my charges are out displaying their inherited disposition to have fun.

So kids, keep those calls coming and thanks for being a chip off the old block.



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