Losing Letterman


How do I fill the hole in my life since Letterman left?

He’s been around my whole adult life until now.

I lived in LA when he was performing at the Comedy Club. After my future husband’s and my  first sleepover in 1980, we watched his morning show together. He featured “Small Town News” that day and it was from my husband’s hometown of Fallon, NV.

Dave was responsible for converting me to a CBS watcher after years of being NBC loyal.

His material always punctuated my take on the daily occurrences during both our lives.  I’m less than a year older, so I could relate to his content, as well as his music.

I discovered songs that would be a musical backdrop for my life. “School Boy Heart” from Jimmy Buffet’s Banana Wind got me through another major career crisis. The Grifter’s Hymn from Ray Wylie Hubbard gave me inspiration to appreciate gratitude, maybe not so much from the song but the gratitude Wylie expressed to Letterman about his appearance on the show.

My final nightly march off the air with Dave was eased when the musician’s started singing farewell songs. John Mayer’s rendition of “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” started preparing me for the let down.

In the final week Tom Waits’  “Take One Last Look” knocked me out.  It was a  song he dedicated to Dave.

To  exemplified my certain connection to Letterman, he chose The Foo Fighters performing “Everlong” for his last show.

David Grohl and the band had performed that for a PlayStation Event I had managed. Foo Fighters were the only band that I hired twice during my tenure as talent czar at PlayStation.

But by far, the song that has haunted me most since Dave’s exit is Dylan’s “The Night We Called It A Day.”  Frankly Dave, I wasn’t quite ready to call it a day.

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