The World is Full of Helpful People



I just returned from a whirlwind trip of Paris, Florence and Munich.  I met our adopted daughter, Jessica and her children Lauren and Carson in Frankfurt on July 16.  I couldn’t have maintained my tour guide status if it weren’t for the helpful people I met.

Right off the plane, I walked away  from my purse at this major world crossroad.  Yes, I was sober but operating on very little sleep.  I didn’t notice for almost a half hour.

I quickly learned the back ways to Lost and Found three times ignoring authorized personnel signs and escaltors going the wrong direction. On the third try, a wonderful young man showed up with my purse intact still containing my iPad and $2000 Euros.

I met the rest of my party at Frankfurt Main Train Station and we embarked on the train for Paris and enjoyed the scenery until we arrived at our apartment near the Luxembourg Gardens.  As promised, Francois, arrived on time with the keys and we all got some sleep after I visited a nearby convenience store for essentials.  The French store owner was aided by an English speaking customer to understand that I wanted soap, not soup.  Now on 27 hours without sleep.

After a first day and next morning of the usual Louvre, Opera House, On/Off Bus, Trocadero, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame we were met by Jessica’s friend Kathryn and her sister-in-law Fanny who generously gave up their day to drive us to Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet at Versaille for a picnic in the garden.  Then Kathryn fixed a wonderful meal of a ratatouille of fresh vegetables, a lovely fritata and green salad with lemon vinegarette and lettuce untouched my metal knife.



Fanny and Kathryn’s presence was especially comforting to me when Jessica got an intense migraine with her medicine still in Paris, that necessitated a scary dual car race back  with the added complication of vomit.

Rebooted on Sunday Jessica and children returned to Eiffel Tower for a climb. I, on the other hand, had a lovely waitress serve me Campari and soda and an omelet in the classically Parisienne 7th Arrondisement Cafe Gustave 23,  I enjoyed watching the 3 generations living across the street utilize the cafe throughout the morning.

Monday, Kathryn and Fanny returned to drive us to Giverny.  What more can I say than thank you to Monet for all the beauty!!!












That night, Nicholi from Georgette helped arrange a cab for our airplane to Florence.

He worked tirelessly serving beautiful food to his neighborhood clientele always returning to the phone to recall the busy cab service.  He managed to work in concocting a new drink which we named “The Marilyn”.  Two shots whiskey, one shot Campari and a wave of tonic water mixed over ice and stirred, not shaken, served in an iced stemmed glass.

The driver  arrived on time the next morning right on time with a van large enough for us and our luggage.

Stay tuned for further adventure in Florence and Munich in the next two installments.  Meanwhile, here’s a question for you supplied by my friend Neil Silva.  “If Donald Trump is elected, will Americans have toupee more or less taxes??”  Grrrroannn!!!!!

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