I’d vote for Hillary even if she was a man.




Unfortunately the current Presidential Election reeks of sexism.  Hillary’s recent health scare has dredged up old stereotypes of women as the weaker sex.  But we’re not dealing with old stereotypes, we’re dealing with a narcissistic, pompadoured, sensitive person with an ego, that’s the man and an experienced,hawkish,   temperamentally well suited person, that’s the woman.  Everybody gets sick!!!


Hillary is the most qualified candidate to lead our foreign policy. She has met and negotiated with the major player and held her ground, especially with Putin. In a memo to President Obama, Secretary Clinton warned him of the danger of unchecked “Russian aggression.” before Putin entered Crimea or the Ukraine. Trump has not yet learned that Putin doesn’t form alliances unless it fits into in his Czarist scheme.

Hillary knows her way around Washington. Make no mistake, anyone who doesn’t know how the system works, can do nothing to fix it. The constitution was set up that way.

Hillary trusted her team in Benghazi was safe. In order to trust, one must be trustworthy. Test this theory. Do you trust anyone? Do those around you who influence your voting decision trust?

Hillary chose her battles. She handled her husband’s dalliances wisely. That’s his flaw, not hers. He’s only one of many beloved Presidents that have had affairs. Eisenhower, Jefferson, Kennedy are a few that come to mind. I’d be real surprised if she sleeps around.

I’ve only met Hillary once. It was at a book signing where we shared an eye-to-eye lock. Her look or attitude was not cold. It was appreciative when I pledged my support.  She has a soul and she has a faith and has demonstrated an obligation to for social and racial justice.


I’m asking any woman reading this to vote for our first woman President. You are entitled to your own opinion regardless of how people around you try to convince you differently.

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