Enrichment at Rancho La Puerta



I just arrived back from a week of bliss at Rancho La Puerta Mexico   If you’ve been there you’ll know what I mean about the bliss. When you go,expect the first day and a half to be an adjustment. I offer  my mistakes in red. Just remember this is just an example of how I assimilated.  You will find your own way.

Resort Spa

Prior to a Saturday departure I scheduled 3 spa appointments and partied on Friday. I rescheduled twice on Sunday and once on Monday to adapt to the interesting choices of activities for the day.

I boarded the bus from San Diego airport and sat alone. I listened to the various groups jabbering about their personal baggage and then joined them dragging my luggage across the bumpy border.

Unpacking my walking shoes, flip flops, 4 yoga pants, and too many long sleeved shirts I munched on a half bag of stale pecan sandies. At dinner I discussed Shakespeare and blackbirds while I enjoyed a vegetarian dinner with 5 interesting people. I didn’t know anything about Shakespeare or vegetarian eating. I know nothing about blackbirds.

I stayed awake all night thinking about the emails I didn’t write, events I didn’t schedule. Mostly I was happily anticipating the next day.

After breakfast, I deliberately got lost on the many crisscrossing paths of the property memorizing breath-taking views and the ranch’s grounds.  I arrived at the Montana gym for an hour of yoga. For the first time in months I listened to my out-of-shape body and started taking care of it.   I stumbled upon water aerobics and joined in.

At lunch I sat with an airline stewardess, the Wasu instructor and his young wife who kindly stayed with me while I finished.  She allowed me to see this experience through her eyes and reminded me how inspiring it can be to spend time with young people.  I took a nap.

I deliberately took the long way to another shower and a detox massage. Next, I attended a writing class and took a second nap before dinner.  I ate with 3 fellow Californians, a Canadian, and a delightful kindred soul from Chicago who accompanied me to Richard Leider’s lecture “How to Unlock Your Purpose”. He talked about finding  purpose in life in order to add meaning to later years. It couldn’t have been better timed for me.



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  1. Keep the faith baby. Edna.

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