The Eyes Have It


Here is some advise from my beauty advisor, Siri, (no not the apple voice) who used to be in fashion advertising.  Based on inside information from make up experts she has always gone with drugstore cheapest, they’re all the same.

Since then she has tried some recommendations from Paula Begouin’s

Here are Siri’s latest on mascara.

Currently I’m testing two brands. The first is Benefit’s They’re Real! Wow, this stuff made my lashes look huge, almost fake! lashes. But like my old MAC product, They’re Real! is also tricky to apply without clumping, and removal requires some persistence with makeup remover. This is kind of a deal breaker for me, so this is likely to become my Saturday Night Special mascara.

The other product recommended by two different friends who both swore it is ”the best mascara ever!” That kind of endorsement makes a gal curious, even at $19 a pop. So I sprang for the product, Tarte’s Gifted “Amazonian clay smart mascara.” Other than the price tag, I’m finding a lot to like about Gifted: it doesn’t clump, doesn’t flake, comes off easily, and although it feels lightweight, I feel it does deliver more impressive looking lashes than my drugstore cheapies, although not quite as va va voom as They’re Real!. One friend is recovering from chemo, and reports that Gifted was the only product that helped keep her existing lashes intact, and helped rebuild new lashes. Added bonus: Gifted’s pretty packaging looks like stenciled bamboo, and it is cruelty free. Although it kills me to think I may now have to shell out $19 for my mascara, I guess as splurges go, it’s a small one.

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