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Starting in 2015 I will quit sending email notices when I post.  If you want to receive a message every time I post, click the “Like” button and send a comment and your email address as instructed below. Also I encourage you to share this with your friends.   Happy 2015!!!!  May the new year be as exciting as you make it!

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  1. don weyant says:

    I like being grumpy

  2. Lori Nardi says:

    Well as usual I smiled while reading as you are not good at grumpy for long and honestly I totally understand as I got the flu shot in Sept and had the flu for 5 days. The kicker is calling doc on day 2 and taking the Tamiflu – that is a medication made to make money for sure, it lessens your symptoms (SUPPOSEDLY) and shortens flu by a day. Let me tell you i felt like crap for 5 days and cough still lingers on. Loved the post on the grandkids 🙂 Hi to Don. Happy 2015!

  3. Janice Jobe says:

    Thank you for remembering to send this to me. I so enjoyed reading all of it. You are amazing!!! Keep them coming.
    Happy New Year, Jan

  4. Kristen Rush says:

    Wonderful story about Marian!

  5. marcy says:

    Your quick whit and sense of humor. Anything of yours I have read has had me laughing out loud.

  6. Osha Reader says:

    Great post, Marilyn! Thanks.

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