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Advisor input on Mascara

Here is some advise from my beauty advisor, Siri, (no not the apple voice) who used to be in fashion advertising.  Based on inside information from make up experts she has always gone with drugstore cheapest, they’re all the same.

Since then she has tried some recommendations from Paula Begouin’s

Here are Siri’s latest on mascara.

Currently I’m testing two brands. The first is Benefit’s They’re Real! Wow, this stuff made my lashes look huge, almost fake! lashes. But like my old MAC product, They’re Real! is also tricky to apply without clumping, and removal requires some persistence with makeup remover. This is kind of a deal breaker for me, so this is likely to become my Saturday Night Special mascara.

The other product recommended by two different friends who both swore it is ”the best mascara ever!” That kind of endorsement makes a gal curious, even at $19 a pop. So I sprang for the product, Tarte’s Gifted “Amazonian clay smart mascara.” Other than the price tag, I’m finding a lot to like about Gifted: it doesn’t clump, doesn’t flake, comes off easily, and although it feels lightweight, I feel it does deliver more impressive looking lashes than my drugstore cheapies, although not quite as va va voom as They’re Real!. One friend is recovering from chemo, and reports that Gifted was the only product that helped keep her existing lashes intact, and helped rebuild new lashes. Added bonus: Gifted’s pretty packaging looks like stenciled bamboo, and it is cruelty free. Although it kills me to think I may now have to shell out $19 for my mascara, I guess as splurges go, it’s a small one.

Eyelash growth and mascara.

Here’s some makeup and beauty advice for our age group.  Work with your best asset.  For me it is my eyes.

 Find a clumpless mascara


This inexpensive mascara works for me.  It is key for me after spending  the last 55 years pumping more expensive brands with less positive results.   I buy these two at a time, often discounted.  One for home and one for my gym bag.To make it even better, this product is bright green and easily found at the bottom of my purse.  This is only one coat but I often recurl after first application and put on a second layer, something I never had time for when I was younger.  Come to think of it, I might not have needed it then.

I do have more lashes than before, largely thanks to Revitalash. I have experienced thicker lashes since I starting it and have not been diligent about daily use.

Grow more lashes.

The link above compares other products on the market.

Let me know what makeup and beauty aids work for you.  Some of you are looking pretty damn good and you should share your wisdom.

Post Script Warning from previous blog


Beauty on the move, your mobile beauty salon

You’ve  used your car for basic farding (it’s a real word, it means putting on makeup). You might alread carry a tube of lipstick or mascara.Now’s the time to step it up with a few more tools for pizzazzers. It was pointed out to me recently that for some unknown reason the outside reflected light and proximity of the rear view mirror in a car provides the perfect circumstances to spot those unsightly chin and facial hairs that appear overnight and escape your surveillance in the privacy of home.  Therefore, travel with tweezers.

You can tweeze gray hairs from your unruly brows or fill in vanishing brows with new ones using a good pencil.

For safety and privacy reasons find a well-lit parking space away from pedestrian traffic to perform your operation.  If you’re fortunate to have one of those “objects appear closer magnifiers”, all the better.

A sharpener and cleansing wipes might also be handy.

The other “must have” items for woman over 50 are plakers.  You know those disposable tooth/floss/picks.  As we age, the gaps between our teeth grow larger and we not only look foolish with green things between them but the occasional sesame seed can be downright uncomfortable.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristen Rush says:

    I am glad to know I am not the only female who gets those pesky facial hairs. I have now added tweezers to the glove box in my car! I already carry the plakers and toothpicks for the big hole left from a crown lengthening and yes, the bits stuck elsewhere all over my teeth. I didn’t seem to have this problem before I had my teeth straightened!!! Pretty soon I am going to need a Sherpa to carry all my necessary items.

  2. joann campolo says:

    Great idea. I too carry toothbrush, mouthwash, etc. Twizzers it is!
    I dont ask much of my daughter in law, but did ask that she pluck those hairs if anything happens to me! Two sons……….I probably would have a beard. Although, my husband performed those tasks for his Mother when she was paralzed from stroke.

  3. Ann Teeters says:

    Ah, the everpresent (nowadays) facial hairs! My 8 year old grand niece, Emily, occasionaly will stumble upon a monster that slipped through my aging radar. “Auntie Ann!”, she’ll proclaim, “Look at this one!”, as she proudly holds out the inch long escapee. She promptly goes for the tweezers and makes short order of it and all the other escapees. I’m so grateful for her loving assistance.

    It reminds me of the years that I lovingly performed this small chore for my good friend. I was so happy to be able to help her, even in that insignificant way. Now I realize, maybe it wasn’t so insignificant.

    Tweezers to the glove compartment for me too! One pair left in the bedside table for Emily though.

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